Our Monthly care plan

After your initial valet we will call every 4 weeks and look after your vehicle for you, Giving you piece of mind that your car is being kept in the best possible condition. This service is designed to keep your car in premium condition, We take the good with the bad, Sometimes it will be mucky others  times not so.

12 point monthly plan £30

  1. Pressure clean arches, wheels and full rinse

  2. Tyres and wheels cleaned

  3. Bodywork soaked with suds and given a full handwash 

  4. fully Pressure rinsed

  5. Vehicle dried with plush microfibre towel

  6. Door shuts wiped clean

  7. Exterior plastics and tyres dressed

  8. Vehicle vacuumed including boot area

  9. All windows cleaned

  10. Dash and trim cleaned

  11. Air freshener applied

  12. Vehicle bodywork and interior checked for problems and reported to customer.

After you home your vehicle is usually your next biggest investment so give it the pampering it deserves, your investment now will pay dividends on its resale value.

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