Paintwork care

It may sound crazy but vehicle paintwork is very delicate and can easily be damaged by the sun, bird droppings, acid rain and just everyday wear and tear!


Today there are a massive range of paint protection options from waxes, sealants to ceramic coatings. some of these options come with some very hefty price tags too.


Personally in my  experience , the depth of shine is all in the preparation, if the surface is correctly cleaned and decontaminated then a  top quality wax or sealant is applied then this is perfectly good for 99% of car owners and will give a superb shine.


If you are looking for mirror finishes then machine polishing is the way to go, But this is slow going and usually needs a full day at the very least to get the desired results.


Paint restoration (see image for a 50/50 of before and after) the paint was severely sun damaged after machine polishing the desired result was achieved. unfortunately  when doing work like this the paint is thinned down a little and it can only be done a few times maximum.


Please call me for advice and to discuss your requirements.

50-50 bonnet.jpg